... and not only the endangered species ...

Cats have been breeding out of control here in Noronha and the population of feral cats and urban cats (the more docile cats around the villages) have reached a number that causes concern to the Administration of the National Marine Park. Cats are natural hunters of birds and there has been (unfortunately!) video footage of cats hunting the endemic birds of Noronha. We believe that sterilizing them and adopting them out may help the situation, so we have been regularly assisting the island´s Animal Control Department in this task. By booking your trip via Your Way, you´ll also become an active part in solving this problem. And if you live on mainland Brazil, consider adopting an island cat! They are very docile and super loving little creatures. We have had more than 10 island cats and helped adopt dozens of others :-)


And because we believe that every animal is important ...

... is that we contribute regularly to local programs for population control of cats and dogs here in Noronha.




Viuvinhas (black terns), Fernando de Noronha/Brazil

Viuvinhas (black terns), Fernando de Noronha/Brazil

Ginger (our maskot), Fernando de Noronha/Brazil

Stewart Little and sister Ziggy from Fernando de Noronha/Brazil were adopted by a dear couple in Sao Paulo/Brazil