In our day-to-day routine we have gradually and consistently implemented the following actions, in which we are very proud. We hope that this list will serve as inspiration for future travelers and future Noronha lovers…

• We only work with responsible local suppliers. People that are genuinely interested in adding benefits to the services offered to our clients.

• Local companies and suppliers of services that are fairly paid by their employers are valued by Your Way and highly recommended by us.

• We have recently decided to eliminate our office and only offer help via phone, email, text messages, and social media. This has helped us keep our costs down due to our limited size, and also save on energy, water, and other resources.

• We encourage the usage of reusable bags in every store and bring reusable bags from the mainland for our own shopping.

• We suggest our clients carry a BPA-free reusable water bottle for consumption of water. This action helps them save money as they end up buying bigger bottles of water and also create less trash.

• We recycle our trash, dispose of our batteries and oil wisely and make compost with our organic trash.

• We only use biodegradable and organic/natural cleaning products both for household cleaning as well as personal hygiene.

• We buy organic products and seasonal products whenever possible.

• We purchase carbon offset to help negate our flights to the island.

• We enjoy buying locally and visiting street fairs, encouraging local small producers.

• Our T-shirts are made of 75% plastic bottles.

• We also like to use local stylists from Recife area to custom make a few of our airport shirts with regional art.

• Our only method of transportation is an electric bike (same usage as one light bulb).

• We joined the National Association of Brazilian Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism Operators (ABETA)back in 2005 and constantly try and encourage local suppliers to add safety improvements to their businesses.

• We received a certification on National Safety Standards for our only activity ever operated by our team – Atalaia Hike.

• Our partner-guide Sinval Luiz da Silva has completed all courses offered and required by ICMBio in Fernando de Noronha.

• Whenever possible, we attend the meetings of Local Tourism Trade of Noronha as well as Counsels of the Area of Preservation and National Marine Park of Fernando de Noronha.

• Atlantis Divers is our preferred choice for SCUBA on the island, because they have also received the certification on National Safety Standards.

• We recycle our old equipment, computers, DVDs, and books to local schools and children in need.

• Honest and clear communication with clients and suppliers is on the top of our priorities. We value our relationship and strive for a healthy work environment for all of us.

• As part of this honest relationship we’d like to establish with local suppliers and clients, we welcome any and all feedback. We appreciate and welcome all feedback (positive or negative) that our clients may have about our services and any of the services experienced in Fernando de Noronha. We are committed to passing on the message to any appropriate parties.

Obrigado For Helping Us Keep Noronha Sustainable!







Pinnacle National Park: Soar with the Condors

The importance of sustainability ...

Because we want to see this beautiful girl working in tourism and being able to sustain herself and her family when she grows up, it is important that we constantly think about the economic, social and environmental sustainability of working in ecotourism here on the island.

This has been our priority from the very beginning, and because we hold this place dear in our hearts and we’ve always wanted to be a part of its sustainable growth. We truly believe that we may develop responsible tourism while involving all local actors.

And by local actors, we really mean EVERY actor such as the stray cats like this one down below, the schools of fish you´ll see while diving or snorkeling, the birds on these pics, etc ...