*** Adam 44 & Edelyn 44 (USA)

We are having a lovely time! We love our   accommodation. They have been great to us. Thank   you for setting that up for us. Yes, we ended up doing a   bunch of tours and all were great. Sadly, tomorrow is   our last full day on the island.Thank you for all your help! We will be sure to recommend you to our friends and give you 5 stars on any forum you wish.  

Best,Adam & Edelyn



*** Michela Eigenmann 27 & Stefano Bocchieri 28 (Italy) sent in July 2019: We are in Rio and going back to Italy today. I wanted to thank you for your help in organizing our trip to Fernando, you were very useful and we had an amazing time. Our guide was great and gave us precious tips on how to visit the island. We definitely would like to go back to Fernando. I´ve already given your contact to a friend who is organizing the same trip. Thank you again for everything! michelaeigenmann@aol.com


*** Cristina Fernández 30´s & Benoit Tressères 30´s (Spain and France) sent in June 2019: We left Noronha this morning and we just wanted to let you know that we followed ALL of your advices and that we enjoyed EVERYTHING: our accommodation (except for the fierce mosquitoes!), the boat ride, snorkeling at the sites you suggested and the local guides, Scuba diving, dolphin observation from certain key locations, as well as all the viewpoints you suggested, the beaches, and all the moquecas and caipirinhas + fruit juices :D One more time: muito obrigados por tudo! pampalluga@yahoo.fr


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