Let us help you discover Noronha with our local tips while keeping your

own personal style:  Your Way

We have been on the island for 18 years and we moved here specifically because we wanted to help foreign visitors fall in love with this little place as much as we did ...

Over the last few years, there has been an overwhelming number of accommodations opening on the island, but we believe we can help our clients sift through those based on their specific preferences, needs and budget. This is what we do best, as we constantly visit new and old places, making sure they are the best options within each price range, and that we know which of their rooms would be best for our clients.

We are NOT an international BIG company, or just another ONLINE booking engine, but this is exactly why we can personally help you enjoy this place the best possible way: Your Way !

And we don´t charge our clients absolutely NO fees as we get paid locally! So the prices you´ll pay if you book anything directly with the guest-houses or directly with ANY activity supplier here on the island, will be the SAME exact price if you book through our services. But the main difference ...

is that we will just add so much more value to your visit ... :-) :-) :-)

AND we´ll also send you sea turtle up-to-the-minute notices about nests hatching or ANY research activities open to the public. We are constantly in touch with TAMAR (The Sea Turtle NGO) for this very reason.

And by being in touch with our guests via WhatsApp, or SMS texts , we can let you know about any of these special and off-the-radar activities as soon as they are about to happen!

The most interesting activities with certified suppliers ...


We´ll tell you the best tide to go for that walk along the inner sea

The best value for money guest-houses ...

The most secluded sunset spots ...